francis, les mots restent bien coincé devant cette fille qui ne demande, pas mieux que de se faire aimer, toi, tu ne sais pas comme t’y prendre, ta gorge resserrer, et ton cœur bat de plus belle alors que tes yeux sont sur elle.

i have nowhere to go.


i am so sad that we aren’t a couple anymore. i would like to be in love with you and you with me, so much.


i miss being able to touch you in secret places with my mouth.

i wake up feeling okay and positive about everything but when the sun sets my heart swells and i feel heavy, and my body might break.

i wake up in the dead of the night feeling so anxious about you and me and everything, and all i want is to go back to bliss and being intertwined with you.


untitled by Maggie Lochtenberg on Flickr.