francis, les mots restent bien coincé devant cette fille qui ne demande, pas mieux que de se faire aimer, toi, tu ne sais pas comme t’y prendre, ta gorge resserrer, et ton cœur bat de plus belle alors que tes yeux sont sur elle.

i’m back.

i spent the past 8 or so months trying to heal and i think i’ve done it.

hello, i’ve mended.

(please message me i would love to talk to you all)


hey. so i am taking a creative non-fiction writing class, and i want to do a piece about a sugar baby or a sugar daddy or maybe the relationship of both… if you live in sydney and are interested in being interviewed, as an anonymous person or as yourself, send me a message here. would really help! x

"These unpleasant events replaying in your mind do not exist. They are not happening now. They are memories which you are reacting to. When you let go of memory and become present, there is nothing from the past that can hurt you." written by lazyyogi    (via dissonancemindwave)

(Source:, via dissonancemindwave)



You seem to have lost yourself in the hope of finding someone else. Taking all of their things and claiming them as your own, their interests and loves, their thoughts and desires. I understand you’re scared, it’s rather obvious and everyone can see it. But please just remember who you were. I liked you better when you were you.

what does that even mean, joshua? i never took anything you adored; i simply wanted to be a part of it and to understand how you felt about those things you desired, had a passion for. i’m scared because you promised me too much and you backed out. i am scared because i thought i had finally, finally, found somebody i could care about without ever fearing rejection; someone i could care about more than i care about myself. i am still me, scared, anxious, melancholy, gypsy nymph me but you cannot accept me for my faults, insecurities, loud thoughts, can you? remember who i was? who did i become? why don’t you tell me this in person? why did you tell me you want to intertwine and then run away so fast?